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The year is 1800; the place, Sant Ignazio College, a decrepit old musical institute for girls, somewhere near Venice. Here lives “the Mute”, a silent, solitary maid tasked with the humblest chores. No one knows that her name is Teresa; no one suspects that she possesses an extraordinary talent that enables her to sense the harmony of the universe and reshape reality through music. While everyone at the college is making a huge fuss about the imminent visit of the newly enthroned Pope, and the old chapel master is struggling to put together a new composition for the Pontifex, Teresa makes a discovery in a storeroom: a brand-new invention, a beautiful instrument – a pianoforte. Around Teresa and her revolutionary “music machine” gathers an amazing quartet of young women: the best and most dynamic musicians of Sant Ignazio. From this secret cell of great yet overlooked talents, a new music will be born that takes the Pope, and the entire world, by surprise.

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